Tuesday, 26 July 2011

IT GIRL GAME: tips to win showdowns!

hey i'm gonna show you SOME WAYS TO WIN SHOWDOWNS easily!
u have to HAVE these things first.
- get more cliques, the BIGGER the better
if you wanna add new cliques everyday, go to It Girl Community and It Girl Clique Member Search On Facebook.
-higher closet bonus. if u are newbies  ( level 1-10 ), be sure to  have over 600 clothes. the more the better.
*higher hotness isn't much necessary if you already mastered these two things.
-have a little luck (eg:  have a boyfriend with a showdown bonus) but this is not NECESSARY! if u have one, ure lucky! :)

(my point is, if u have more than what other girls have, it can help you becoming  powerful and undefeatble)


while u were  at a party, your confidence  will running low faster within few seconds!
here's the tricks to have it back!
- make sure your phone battery is enough to make calls. Here, u can  only make calls three times. Be sure to call your cliques that are on a higher level.
second way is pretty easier but need a lil bit effort,
you can refill your confidence faster WITH NO NEED TO WAIT your friends send it to you! or else you can spend your fb credits to buy some. but hey, u're not gonna waste ur credits for such things we can easily obtain for free right?
you may use other browser to save your time!
Follow these simple steps:

STEP 2: Mouse over your profile and click "send gifts"

STEP 3: Select the thank you note

STEP 4: Send it as many as you want and accept all the requests in your real acc!


okay, lets say i'm going to this party. you see, you need to wear beach  outfits that worth for at least 74 hotness. lets change the clothes !

if u dress a way too hot, you may NOT lucky to win showdowns.
-u may only have to showdown with girls who have same or higher level than yours, thus, be careful!
- when those girls are higher than yours, they will have more closet bonus and cliques! believe it!


 see it by yourself ! i'm on level 52, but she is on level 61!

other girls with higher levels!  and i found most of girls here are a way higher than mine.

its obvious all of them are highly competitive. so better STAY AWAY FROM them!

instead , u may consider this;
 dress yourself with a LOW hotness / as close as you can .

Now look at the scene .

her level is lower than mine! see it more!

alrite! now i can breathe easy. this seems not hard, lets see if i could score the showdowns!

she's hotter than me, but she just lose because of her closet and cliques!

i won again!

and the last showdown,

ok, here's the thing, sometimes this game goin a lil bit crazy and picked the weak one to win, this is normal and  usually occurred to anyone, but dont give up just yet, beat her again, and u'll win, because she didnt deserve it! 

now, whos the hotter? :)
LOOK , i won the showdowns! :)

some of u may question, why is there a (+) sign in my profile?, thats a bonus for dating with a hot guy. but thats not the point, i won because i deserved it.

these tips are popular among the players, i wrote this information just for fun and to share with others who still didn't know how to win parties and showdowns yet. few of my friends asked how to obtain an epic win? here's how its worked!

- u may showdowns with any other girls on the street. its a less risky because you CAN change clothes any time you want.  here's a great chance to beat girls who had lower level and hotness.so better win! :)
- beat the girls who you like to showdowns for four times, then u'll get an epic win!

and u'll also get more cash and experiences after u finished it!

it's simple as that. :)

Do i need a car?
want to win more showdowns? own a car! if u're on level 22 and above, please consider this. buying a car is worth enough to win lots of parties and u'll have  a better luck while showdowns with others.
for this showdown i didn't use my car , but i still can rock the party. (with higher closet bonus and bigger cliques although my outfits while at parties were not hot)
i did it and i'm leveled up faster everyday.
++ i got lotsa cash and higher chances to buy more clothes from the hottest stores here.


REMEMBER: The more you UNLOCK the stores, the more you have chances to have a higher closet bonus!
all the VIP stores are offering hot clothes EVER!
make sure to ask your clique members for the  VIP passes!
HERE'S the photos some of VIP Stores that i  like the most .

this is a boutique in Paris, just bought for 10000 cash. (ADRIATIQUE)

here's all for now. i hope this may helpful to you. i'm wanting to be on the next level. i want to go to harajuku street which offers more fantastic clothes! :)
that's all. good luck girls!  and be the hottest it girl ever! :)